Teach Me

Teach Me, Mommy

Teach me Mommy, as I grow,

All the things I’ll need to know.

Like how to turn my nightlight on

And  why I miss you when you’re gone.

Teach me how to sing  song

And how to put my PJ’s on.

Teach me how to wait my turn

How to share and how to learn.

Teach me how to cross the street,

Finger paint and Trick or Treat.

Teach me, Mommy, help me see

What’s in the world surrounding me.

Like why the stars come out at night,

Why grass is green and snow is white.

And how the sun got in the sky,

How sailboats float and airplanes fly.

Teach me why the flowers smell

And why a turtle has a shell.

Teach me, Mommy, how to do

All the things I see you do.

Teach me how to sew and cook

Make my bed and read a book.

Teach me how to fold my clothes,

Clap my hands and blow my nose.

Teach me how to be polite

And how to sleep without the light.

Teach me, Mommy, all you do,

So I can grow up just like you!