A little about me…

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Luann DiTullio Hamill and I live in Plymouth, Massachusetts with my husband Tom, who I met in middle school and my dog Myles, who I rescued. Actually I think I rescued them both, but that is another story.

I am the mother of two grown daughters, Melissa (Missy)and Jessica (Jess) and I suppose that is why it took me so long to explore my romance with writing. As any parent knows, life as we know it stops the day our children are born and we, no longer individuals but parents, begin living “phantom lives”. Our stories, dreams, goals become secondary to theirs. As they should. Then, when they are grown and leave the proverbial nest, it takes a while to figure out what road to take, as we have not driven the bus in a very long time.

My road revealed itself to me slowly, even though I have always loved words. I like how they sound and their rhythm. I love that they can have so many meanings beyond their assigned definition. I love that especially about poetry. Poetry adds emotion to the written word. It evokes feelings and engages the imagination. And when the human voice is added to the poetry, when it is read aloud whether to yourself or someone else, it makes words three dimensional. The human voice does magical things to the written word because of what the reader brings with them.

There is a line from one of my favorite songs that says “words are all I have to take your breath away”. This is my purpose in writing and sharing. I hope you find something that touches you. I hope you find something that takes your breath away. Enjoy!